goodmakes food

Really good healthy gluten free / lactose free / paleo recipes for the whole family invented by moi!

Back in the days before I had kids I mainly lived off coffee, smoothies and salads on the go between one design job and the next meeting but things have changed; I now cook for a family of gluten free/ lactose free hungry boys due to everyone having different allergies (except me!) .

And I discovered I am terrible at following cookbooks! I can’t resist the temptation to experiment and wind up throwing in a bit of this and that to zuzz it up. Oh, and I also don’t own a kitchen scales. Really I think it’s because I like to break the rules so please don’t give me rules in the kitchen! So you won’t find many rules in my recipes – they are easy to follow and mostly made up of a bit of this and a pinch of that, mix well and voila! Enjoy them and I would love to know how they worked out for you!

Gluten Free pumpkin waffle