Sewing on a 1950’s Singer sewing machine!

Who would have thought that the ole’ 1950s Singer sewing machine I picked up 10 years ago in a car-boot sale for 50p and had refurbished would be so sturdy and reliable to sew with after all this time! This Singer was seriously built to last and is so easy to work with!

I have spent the past week sewing dozens of trousers in preparation for the first goodmakes sale at the Highgate Fair. After figuring out how to assemble the pattern and the process of cloth cutting, pinning and hemming, I managed to get a snappy production going producing about one pair of trousers in 20 mins!

So.. some mamas asked whether I could run a sewing workshop so they could learn how to sew the trousers themselves and my answer is YES! The pattern is easy to sew and would be a good one for beginners to learn with – so sewing could be an optional follow up workshop to the narrative fabric design one. Watch this space!