The goodmakes ETSY shop is open and it’s super cute!

goodmakes now has an ETSY shop in order to reach more customers… you can visit it at this link:

Here are some photos of products in the store looking super cute!

Also watch this space for a sneak peak of a new fabric printed on warm jersey material, in winter colour-ways, designed with refugees in our latest workshop.


Thank you from goodmakes @ Highgate Primary Fair!

Thank you from goodmakes @ Highgate Primary Fair!

goodmakes had a stall at the Highgate Fair to test sales of our little trousers and guess what? We sold just over half our stock in 3 hours and had to took a bunch of email orders as there was a token payment system that our (cash) stall was not included in.

Thanks to everyone who came over to chat with us, I feel so energised by the positive response to the fabric designs and the goodmakes social enterprise concept.

Here is a big shout out to all those little legs wearing goodmakes trousers since the fair! Spread the love little people <3

New fabric: “Sleepy Whale”

New fabric: “Sleepy Whale”

The sun is shining and the summer holidays are almost here! Take a trip to the seaside with this beautiful new “sleepy whale” fabric design in shades of blue, complete with shoals of fish, seaweed and a sleepy little whale.

goodmakes playpants are great for the beach, helping to shade little legs from the sun and keep them cool with loose breezy styling made from light organic cotton fabric.

Take a trip over to our online shop to order a pair for your holiday!

Presenting the goodmakes ‘Aylmer’ playpant

Presenting the goodmakes ‘Aylmer’ playpant

Named after the Aylmer Pantry where I ran the first goodmakes design workshop, I am excited to present the very first goodmakes playpant – the “Aylmer”!

Made from a whimsical fabric designed by mothers, inspired by their shared stories of motherhood, the “Aylmer” was printed in Manchester on organic cotton and sewn by mothers in London.

Buying these trousers supports not only mothers and their children but the British manufacturing industry… so take a stroll over to our online shop for sizes and prices.

And… the biggest, huggiest thank you to everyone who has supported me through the start-up process, your friendship, time and advice are invaluable and you have all my love and gratitude!

Sewing on a 1950’s Singer sewing machine!

Sewing on a 1950’s Singer sewing machine!

Who would have thought that the ole’ 1950s Singer sewing machine I picked up 10 years ago in a car-boot sale for 50p and had refurbished would be so sturdy and reliable to sew with after all this time! This Singer was seriously built to last and is so easy to work with!

I have spent the past week sewing dozens of trousers in preparation for the first goodmakes sale at the Highgate Fair. After figuring out how to assemble the pattern and the process of cloth cutting, pinning and hemming, I managed to get a snappy production going producing about one pair of trousers in 20 mins!

So.. some mamas asked whether I could run a sewing workshop so they could learn how to sew the trousers themselves and my answer is YES! The pattern is easy to sew and would be a good one for beginners to learn with – so sewing could be an optional follow up workshop to the narrative fabric design one. Watch this space!


Workshop Planning to include Arts Therapy with Lina B

Workshop Planning to include Arts Therapy with Lina B

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by inspiring mamas like Arts & Drama Therapist Lina, who sweetly invited me over to talk about how I could include Arts Therapy techniques into the Goodmakes textile design workshop as a way to facilitate the sharing of stories of motherhood by the participants.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity.

Mothers experience many challenges during childbirth and raising children which they are encouraged to share in the goodmakes workshop. Applying Art Therapy techniques to structure the  workshop helps to create a safe and nurturing environment for those narratives to be shared and translated into visual symbols and motifs that can be used in the fabric design.

Many thanks to Lina for her input; I’m excited to see how the first workshop goes!


mother’s day textile design workshop

hello mamas!

I am so happy and excited to announce the first goodmakes textile design workshop will take place on Sunday 26th March – Mother’s Day here in the UK.

Come along for some cake and bubbly whilst sharing stories of motherhood (good, bad and funny!) to inspire a design that will be printed onto fabric and sewn into super cute kids trousers…